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Welcome to the Black Equity and Mental Health Research Lab
Dr. LaRicka R. Wingate

The Black Equity and Mental Health (BEAM) Lab focuses exclusively on Black/African American mental health. We are dedicated to a strengths-based approach that centers the Black/African perspective in our efforts to study and improve Black mental health. While the lab's research studies address culture specific content, including racial microaggressions, ethnic discrimination and ethnic identity, suicidology continues to be a principal focal point.  


Over the past 20 years Dr. Wingate and her lab have published in a number of areas, including stress generation, suicidology, positive psychology, American Indian/Alaska Native suicide, Black suicide, and race specific risk and protective factors. Dr. Wingate is one of the very few suicidologists across the country that does innovative work focusing on suicide in racial/ethnic minority people. The broader focus of her work that is strengths-based is setting the standard in the field of investigators who examine psychopathology in people of racial and ethnic minority backgrounds. 

Dr. Wingate previously directed The Laboratory for the Study of Suicide Risk and Resilience or LSSRR.


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